erinnorman (erinnorman) wrote,

If you've been swinging on the Obama weathervane

I have nothing but scorn for the media and its faithful swallowers that hailed Obama as a political god in 2009 but began baying for his blood within his first year in office for failing to measure up to their own ideal. Now, after he’s had some hard earned successes the praise starts rolling in and you start reading the comments “I’ve always liked him” and “I think we all owe him an apology.” The litany of abuse that has been hurled at him over the last few months from people who act like their rock star crush has just got married has been appalling. Bush III, Obomber, Obummer, the Kenyan. These elements were of course around at the time of his inauguration but their ranks have swelled by people who have expected too much too soon. Do you think these latest headlines of his victories have sprouted up overnight? What do you think he’s been working on during this time? It can take years to agree contracts on the NHS…

A few years ago when building renovations were all the rage you couldn’t turn on the television without seeing some brilliantly determined (or utterly daft) person taking the beautifully derelict remains of a Victorian pile and laboriously restoring it to its natural, but more modern (liveable) glory. You watched the highs and lows of the journey, the successes and failures, but you didn’t expect it to happen overnight. Amazing that such common sense seems to disappear when considering such matters as nuclear weapons, national debt, international war, poverty, healthcare, gross injustice, environmental issues…

For the sofa sitting Presidents and Prime Ministers out there, Obama is performing a job that he is aware has a time limit to it, (please, let it be eight years). His job is not to perform miracles but to set everything possible in motion so that the Presidents who come after him will be filling progressive and iron clad shoes rather than shoes burning holes in the globe. He is a statesman, he is ethically sound and he is hard working. He works at a fierce pace because he knows his days as President are numbered and he clearly intended to make the most of them from Day 1. He’s at the helm of a nation covering around 3.8 million square miles with a population of approximately 300 million, and all that that entails. It’s not going to happen in 1 year, 2 years or even 4. If you’ve had your knickers in a twist because he hasn’t multitasked well enough so far, go find a crumbling château to salvage.
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